The Perfect Saddle Fit
Mariette Klemm

Saddlefit 4 Life® Certified Saddle Ergonomist
Authorized Independent Schleese Representative in B.C.


Evaluation and Fitting

If you are interested in booking a personal saddle fit session to fit your horse, please contact me. In a session I will do a 36 point saddle fit evaluation and analysis. Make use of diagnostic tools and do a static and dynamic saddle fit evaluation and an analysis of your saddle support area including the negative reflex points. This thorough evaluation will be the base for what needs to be done to your saddle to ensure optimum fit. You can try our sizing saddle adjusted to your horse.

The cost for a saddle fit evaluation is $ 120 + tax If you should end up buying a new saddle the evaluation fee is included in the saddle price. Saddle fit adjustments and flocking to your existing saddle can be done on site.

Tree adjustments are $ 100 + tax
Flocking on top of the existing wool: $ 60 - $ 160, depending on how much is needed.





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