The Perfect Saddle Fit
Mariette Klemm

Saddlefit 4 Life® Certified Saddle Ergonomist
Authorized Independent Schleese Representative in B.C.


Serving horses, riders and most saddle brands
Specialized on Schleese saddles

  Do you know if your horse is in pain?

Poor saddle fit causes many issues:
behavioral, training, health, long term damage,
hollow, sore back, resistance, lacking engagement,
bad attitude, 4-beat canter, irregular gait

Are you sitting comfortably?
Discover solutions to improve comfort and position

What is your horse trying to tell you?

Find out in your Saddlefit 4 Life® Diagnostic
Saddle Fit Evaluation

* Static and dynamic evaluation
* Dust pattern and saddle support area analysis
* Solutions to fit your budget
* Regular checks to maintain optimal fit to muscular
* Re-fitting and saddle fit adjustments
* Service to most saddle brands
* Saddlefit 4 Life® educational demos


Mariette KlemmAs a rider and horse lover myself I've personally experienced
that riding in a properly fitted saddle makes a big difference.
It helped me be a better dressage rider and I know for sure
my horse is pain free.

As a Certified Saddle Ergonomist I can help you concentrate on
what's important to achieving your goals. Whether I evaluate and
fit your existing saddle or help you find a new one.

Call me for a personal appointment at your barn!


Mariette Klemm, Lower Mainland, B.C.
Office: 604 535 1988
Cell: 250 526 1868



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