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Mariette, thank you so much for being the wonderful saddle rep. that you are. Your time, patience and loan of your saddles is very much appreciated!
Warmest regards, Bonnie, Judge, June 2012

Thank you for your follow-up as I have been meaning to write to you to thank you for your time and impeccable service. My faith in Schleese as a service provider has been renewed! The new fit seems comfortable for both Ethan and I. Best wishes for your success and fun for the upcoming show season. Let's keep in touch.
Susan, April 2012

I just wanted to drop you a note & thank you for your help with the saddle. I had a really nice ride on Wyatt yesterday & the canter was much better. I found I was really able to sit on his back & scoop him up with my seat. It was a wonderful feeling. Thanks again & best of luck. See you in a while !!
Linda & Wyatt

Since the saddle fitting and adjustment for my jumping saddle in March my horse Lachlan a 14 year old Lusitano TB cross has been feeling like a 5 year old again. He has regained much enthusiasm for work, his movements are freer and he is no longer girthy. We are having a lot more fun.
Thanks, Helene, April 2012

Thank-you for your excellent service Mariette. I look forward to riding in a saddle that completely fits both my horse and myself.

No news from me is good news of a sort, but here’s better: ever since the new wonder saddle went on, Dauphine has been happy in movement and doesn’t seem at all set back by having a rider on her back. So big vote of confidence from the horse. I also find it very comfortable. I have been applying oil-based product as you recommended, and it is reshaping itself well. I can’t thank you enough for changing our fortunes in this very happy way. I guess we’ll be in touch in some months for a refitting.

Thank you for coming up last Saturday, it was nice to meet you and also your husband. I really like the change in my saddles balance on the different horses, works excellent! nice work and thank you for trying to work with what I have for now.

Hello there, I rode Also today on his new saddle It was amazing how forward and happy he was.. I do not know whether he was in a good frame of mind or it was the saddle!
Thank you. Demet

Two weeks later:
He is doing very well. He is keeping his gates well and very forward . I have no complaints. Dean Kucey can not wait for his rides on Also's new saddle on Fridays.
Thank you,




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